Die Tired Blog 001: LEAN INTO IT

Die Tired Blog 001: LEAN INTO IT


Lessons From Punching My Friends In The Face
-A memoir by Jonathan Harned


Do you notice a trend in trying something, not getting the results you wanted, and thinking that you're destined for failure?

Well I have good news for you. You're right!

The pain doesn't stop when you withdraw, it can only stop when you win.

A couple of years ago my friends and I used to meet every Wednesday night in one of our garages and beat the pazookies out of each other.

I know..

pretty cute, right?


Little did I realize at the time, the life lessons I learned from boxing/sparring would show up in my relationships, creative endeavors, and every other important arena of life.

When I started, I would approach the fight with a timid posture- leaning back, keeping my head as far away from the pain as possible. I would still commit to the fight, but my commitment level was low- leaving me off-balance and incapable of the whole point of boxing- punching my opponent in the face. I soon learned that this timid approach would not only completely fail to protect me from danger, but would leave me 0% chance of victory in the process. When I learned this, I began to FULLY commit- leaning into what I agreed to do (literally, leaning forward), putting my beautiful face in harm's way, understanding pain was unavoidable, but this was the only chance I had at victory.

(I still lost every fight because I was homeschooled as a kid.)

The Moral Of The Story:

Everything you do will come with pain and failure no matter what. You are destined to fail, you have to take action to deviate from your passive course and fully lean into what you are doing.

Practice an aggressive posture. Fully lean into what you commit to- whatever it is.

"Lean into it. -Mike Tyson, probably"

-Jonathan Harned



PS: Do you happen to know Mike Tyson? I want to send him a shirt...

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